Scratch Building

For a model to be truly Scratch Built the purist might well insist that all the parts of the construction were made from raw materials.

For your G-Scale Railway, it is likely that you will consider that Scratch Building is the construction of an item mainly from raw materials rather than using a commercial kit. or converting an existing kit or purchasing pre-assembled items.

You can scratch build from plans or photographs to an exact scale or to a scale of your choice of what may look best in your railway environment.

The item being made can use any suitable material including wood, stone, ceramics, metal, plastic, concrete and even GRP but you need to remember that you will be almost certain to get the item wet so consider whether water proofing is needed and what long exposure to damp conditions might do to your scratch built item. 

Adhesives that are fine when used indoors in the dry can, if not suitable, allow the item to fall apart when used outside.

The following item may assist you with scratch building

D.I.Y. Locomotives & Rolling stock wagons Light emitting diodes Painting Brass Soldering Brass Soldering Peco Rails Electric v Live steam locos Ideas for buildings More on Buildings Idea for a signal box Signals Using pneumatics to control signals and points


These items are put here as ideas which have been successfully used by at least one member of the G Scale Kent Group. As we have no control over your working conditions we can take no responsibility for injury or malfunction of process carried out by you.